Melody’s School

Our school offers STEAM-based programs that take a Connected Learning Approach to learning and teaching, which focuses on an intentional connection between curriculum learning objectives, standards, assessments, and lesson design/implementation. Our programs give children the opportunity to thrive in an environment that encourages exploration and creative expression. They provide inspiring and enriching activities that the kids can’t get elsewhere. We aim to provide a structured and resourceful environment that invests in your child’s development – from a better understanding of their interests and goals, to identifying their likes and dislikes, to valuing team efforts and taking chances in a safe environment where they are mentored and encouraged.

Our education programs are specifically designed to encourage self-expression and give students the tools to be independent, confident and most of all, creative. Students can explore their endless abilities through a variety of different mediums ranging from technical drawing and fine art painting classes, to mixed media and craft building. Students choose their own subject, materials and work at their own pace. Classes are taught by practicing artists and experienced educators who facilitate a fun, safe and relaxing learning environment.