Project Description


Flavia has 26 years of experience as a teaching associate/instructor for students with learning disabilites, behavioral issues and/or language barriers.

She has worked with students “at risk” of all grades and backgrounds, and she truly enjoys making a difference in their lives. she received her bachelor’s degree in education in italy and has had an opportunity to teach italian for a few years. Flavia conducted celdt assessments for irvine unified district and taught all grade levels in summer school reading clinic.


Teaching is an invaluable honor and privilege! Learning is the foundation of success attained by the transformative process of education, which, in turn, empowers us with the knowledge and self confidence that are key to growth and performance. I believe we all possess the capability to reach our full potential and we deserve to be presented with the opportunity to reach our goals.

I consider myself a dedicated, proud, effective, and passionate educator, a life long learner who strives to make education a top priority in everyone’s life so that, together, we can improve our quality of life and make this a better world.