Project Description


Being an artist is not creating a lifestyle, it is bringing styles to life.

My subject matters are coming from my imaginations and dreams. I travel deep inside my thoughts and dreams to bring my imaginations to life. They become the shapes, creatures and characters that live with me throughout each of my painting experiences. I use oil painting because it allows my brush to dance on my canvas more naturally. My objective is to inspire souls and share my love for humanity in my artwork.


My role as an art educator is to create a learning environment that addresses needs of a diverse population and provide students an atmosphere in which creative thinking is encouraged and developed. People are different, students learn differently and all have different personal experiences, abilities and centers of perception. My goal is to ensure a classroom that addresses the needs of its learners which is tolerant of their identity as human beings and is best achieved by the individual effort of the teacher as well as the student. Finding and making personal connections with a diverse population of learners is something I develop through collaboration with students, educators, community, as well as my own personal reflection and professional development.