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Welcome to Melody‘s School, the next step in STEAM Education! Our goal is to provide the best “project-based” learning experience through our small workshop sizes in order to maximize instruction time between instructors and participants. The goal of our workshops is to not only teach the concepts of various STEAM subjects but to allow participants to take home their projects for their portfolios.

This approach to STEAM learning is decidedly different from most other STEAM learning centers that continue the passive learning approach that would be no different from most public schools. The focus is on you or your eager student, making sure that the maximum learning potential is reached through a very active and hands-on approach to each subject.



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field that has a long history but is still constantly and actively growing and changing. In this course, you’ll [...]



STEM CLASS Melody’s STEM program is designed to educate students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Rather than [...]